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 About Us_ 

Our development teams are some of the most talented developers in the area of Security around the globe. And now with support offices in Europe and Australia, Comon Professionals can handle requests from any corner of the globe 24/7. Our team has always been about being the leader in the industry. With experience in desktop applications, mobile applications and cloud solutions, we have a solution for all. Comon Professionals first started in 2002 in Istanbul, Turkey and out-grew the region. Later moving the office HQ to Surfers Paradise, Australia, the team was able to increase capacity and efficiency. Comon Professionals has been very active in providing support to local associations in regards to rules and legislation within the security industry. 

The team has an incredible track record in Research and Development and has moved all of its solutions from desktop applications to the cloud using state of the art technologies. The company has developed industry specific frameworks to handle the most demanding requests from the industry, some of these are light years ahead of any other solutions provider in the world. 

Solutions like having cleaning processes managed through AGuard, audited through AEyes and evaluated through ATraq is something that is not heard of in any other automation around the globe.

For more information please contact your local ATraq representative.

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