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Professional Software developers for the Security Systems Industry...

Now isn't that dedication?

Comon Professionals is a software company dedicated to bringing the most advanced security systems solutions to your doorstep with over 6500 customers in 55+ countries. Any company with that much experience is sure to touch the right place in any competitive company in the industry. 

[ Consultancy Sevices ]

Comon Professionals assists with setting up and preparing CMS's/ARC's in reliance to international standards. Consulting services include, pre/post sales, technical support systems, monitoring service SOP's and many other details related to system monitoring.

[ Off the shelf software products ]


One of our strongest areas include providing off the shelf software products that range from Alarm Monitoring Software Solutions to Cloud based Telemetry Monitoring Solutions. You can always create new fields of income with new areas to monitor with very little investment.

[ Custom Solutions ]

Comon Professionals offers custom made solutions to many customers for that extra distance to separate you from the others. These custom solutions range from web-services to mobile applications, from switchboard integration to CRM/ERP integration, we have the right team for the work. Most importantly, we do it fast.

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